Friday, July 1, 2011

Its Good for the Soul

As I am sitting indian style on the floor, desperately searching my mind for the little Tamil that I know so I can communicate. These little arms slowly peek out on either side of my stomach and then quickly embrace me as I sit on the floor. I feel a little head resting on my back as it squeezes tight and breaths a sigh of comfort. I look down and see half painted finger nails and little hands intertwined looking as if nothing could break them apart. The room is dim and we are all sitting on the cement floor.

There are 20 mentally handicap kids who live here. All shy but eager to be played with. The arms still grip tight as I try to look around and see who my new friend is, a little girl with with big beautiful eyes are staring back at me. These are the days that are good for the soul. We had planned first to run a clinic at a local leprosy colony but when we arrived no one was there, which was unexpected. " God is so Good" Doctor Susan says as she explains that the other day she had set up for us to go to a school for mentally handicap children if we would have time, not something they had ever done before. The van turns on, the ac is back and we head over to the school. The front of the school is beautiful and painted with a bright yellow. We get out, little kids swarm us from all directions and "anti what's your name? my name is ......" is shouted from all directions. My heart is overflowing with love for these girls and I haven't even caught who's name is who. We head around back as they take us to where the handicap children live. There home is sadly not as well kept as the front of the school.

 A cement wall encloses the compound and we make are way through the gate. Once inside the warn down building we see all 20 boys and girls ranging form ages 4-30 looking up at us from the floor. I immediately sit down and start asking there names "Unga peru enna?"

 We played

hand games,

sing songs and

of course draw!

Art i also one of those things that are good for the soul, as I get out paper and a pens to have them draw with I eagerly watch to see what they will draw.
Monkey were the favorite thing to draw.

 These are the the days that are good for the soul. I love children you learn so much from them. Each were so happy to see us, each got frustrated at time but quickly forgave and forget, each  trusted us full heartedly. My heart ached as I saw the possibility these kids had, if only they were in the states and had the correct therapy. Probable at least 6 would be able to one day be self sufficient and maybe even live on there own.

 But instead they will always be dependent on others to take care of them and never develop further then they themselves achieve. They are not taught but just watched after. My heart was so happy they had a safe place to be, and food and clothing and smiling faces to take care of them which is a lot more then most others in India can say

 but also ached to think of how much more they should be getting.

I am LOVING india and each day I love it more and more I hope I am ready to leave it when my time in India comes to a end, luckily thats not for another 3 weeks:)  "becometh as a child, submissive, meek, humble, patient, full of love, willing to submit to all things which the Lord seeth fit to inflict upon him"- Mosiah 3:19 


  1. Beautiful. I enjoyed reading this so much as it made me appreciate even more how gracious a heart you have. You are one in a million, don't ever change.

  2. You write so beautifully, it's always like I'm right there with you! I always looked forward to your missionary letters and now I can read these:) I wouldn't want to leave either. I could only imagine how hard it will be to leave! What a great thing to do after a mission....serving the people to serving the people:) I love you so much and am so proud of you. I will miss not seeing you for the Fourth of July celebration yet, what you are doing is so much more important:) love you tons! God Bless:)

  3. Thank you Amanda, for keeping us all posted on what you are doing. You describe it all so beautifully. We miss you, but I am so glad you are where you are and doing what you are doing. Give my love to the dear children and all those you work with. I miss them all so much. Love, Joyce